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We insist on presenting and pouring the highest quality beers. It's what we know and love!

The Lock 81 Beer was originally set up by Henry Winter and started brewing commercially in late 2019. The emphasis then, as it is now, is quite simply on brewing the highest quality craft beer. During those early year Henry built a loyal customer base in the Herts & Bucks and surrounding area, with the very first commercial order placed by Wishful Drinking in Rickmansworth.

During the last three years Covid, and the general economic situation, put immense pressure on the brewery with Henry eventually passing the reigns to Chris and Steve from Wishful Drinking in early 2023. 

The Wishful team committed to take the original recipes on board and to rebrew Henry’s original beers whilst also developing new recipes and new beers with carefully selected brewers who had a proven track record of producing some of the best craft beers in the UK. We believe that with the potential to work with any brewer in the Country that we can select the best of the best and drive the consistency and quality of Lock 81 beers to unrivalled levels. 

Henry has now moved onto pastures new, but remains ‘on-hand’ to work with Lock 81 and their partners when his expertise is required, especially as we progress into collaboration brews.


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We relish the opportunity to collaborate with other brewers and bring unique, innovative creations to life. If you believe that your brew would complement our style, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd be delighted to discuss potential partnership opportunities...

We price ourselves on presenting and pouring great quality beers, its what we know and love!

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